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Price (per person, ex. traveling expenses):
1675 Euro
10-16 / 24-30   January 2021
1675 Euro
7-13 / 21-27   February 2021
1675 Euro
7-13 / 21-27   March 2021



- LAPLAND - Winter adventure for riders and non-riders

Choose a unique and adventurous winter week in Lapland, with Icelandic horses, and lots of other activities!
Exciting snow rides on horseback, both with daylight and in the dark, in the forest on smaller tracks, on snowy roads and on ice.
In addition to the outdoor rides, the week is packed with other activities: classes in Icelandic horse riding, a visit to the famous Ice hotel, ice fishing, rides with snowmobiles and reindeer and dog sledding.
You will be introduced to the Sami culture and will be guided throughout the week by Sami guides, who are very familiar with the area and culture.
You will experience complete peace and quiet, and spend a lot of time outside in nature.
You may also see the northern lights, reindeer, moose and other wild animals during your stay.
This unique journey is both authentic and fascinating, a truly genuine experience !!

In the north of Sweden lies the northern Swedish province of Lapland, where the Sami live.
This area is the last real wilderness of Europe, a truly untouched area with almost no roads, people and houses.
The Sami are originally nomadic people inhabiting the Northern European Lapland. They are also known under the name Laps, but they themselves regard that name as an insult.
The indigenous people of Lapland prefer to be called Sami.

Fore more information about Lapland


• Full board (dinner 1th day – breakfast 7th day)
• Lodging
• guide (Swedish- & English-speaking)
• all activities as described in the program
• Warm outdoor clothes
• Horses & equipment
• Helmet
• Transfers from/to Kiruna

Not included

• Flights
• Personal travel insurance (mandatory)
• Personal expenses
• Optional overnight stay in the ice hotel (instead of on the fram): 2000 SEK p/p (in double room – cold room) (approximately 220 €)
• Supplement for single room on the farm: 2000 SEK weekly (approximately 220 €)

Riding ability
intermediate & experienced riders: walk, trot & canter.
Weight limit:
The Icelandic horse is strong, but not so tall, therefore the rider weight is limited to max. 90 kg, 14ST 1LBS (197 POUNDS)
Min. age:
12 years (10 years for non-riders)
Group Size:
minimum 3 persons, max. 10
Icelandic horses
Icelandic saddles
Local specialties, reindeer and moose meat, fish.
Swedish- & English-speaking
Identity card is sufficient for European citizens
Two houses at the horse farm. One with three double rooms, a common kitchen and two bath rooms (1-6 pers). The second one for 1-4 persons with one shared bathroom. Bed linen and towel are provided.

Personal accident insurance required.

7 days / 6 night / 4 days in the saddle

Below is an example of the week-long program (the order of the activities may be adjusted depending on the winter weather conditions)

Day 1
Arrival in Kiruna, transfer to the farm.
In the afternoon a riding lesson on the Icelandic horse to become familiar with the horses and their gaits. After the ride you can enjoy a 3-course dinner. Aanpassen in NL
Outside the window you will probably see moose and maybe some northern lights.

Day 2
The second day we go up in the mountains by snowmobile to go ice fishing on a mountain lake. We have outdoor lunch prepared over open fire. Today you learn how to drive snowmobile (two persons on each snowmobile).
In the evening we have a riding tour on horseback, in the dark, looking for northern lights. We spend the rest of the evening in the goahti (Sami hut) and enjoy our dinner round the fire.

Day 3
The next day you have a reindeer sledging tour (2 persons are sharing a sledge). Reindeer sledging is the old way of transportation for Sami people in this area. During lunch you get acquainted with the Sami culture. After lunch you visit the famous Icehotel, we have dinner at the restaurant and in the evening we return to the farm.
If you wish, you can also spend the night in the Icehotel instead of on the farm (supplement minimum 2000 SEK, about 220 €per person in a double room – cold room).

Day 4 for riders
The fourth day you have a riding class about riding Icelandic horses and in the afternoon we visit the town Kiruna and the Sami museum.

Day 4 for non-riders
The fourth day you go on a cross country skiing/snow shoeing tour and in the afternoon we visit the town Kiruna and the Sami museum.

Day 5 for riders
The fifth day we ride through the forest, probably seeing moose. In the afternoon you will have a sauna, from where you have a beautiful view over the river and mountains.

Day 5 for non-riders
The next day you go on a moose safari tour with snowmobile and in the afternoon you will have a sauna, from where you have a beautiful view over the river and mountains.

Day 6 for riders
The next day, we make a trip on horseback through the forest. In the afternoon, you have a riding class about riding Icelandic horses.

Day 6 for non-riders
Today we drive by car through the beautiful scenery to the small village of Nikkaluokta and we will probably encounter a lot of moose along the way. The afternoon can be filled in freely: go hiking, try kick sledging, have a walk, …

Day 7
After breakfast, transfer back to Kiruna.

Available on site for riding and other outdoor activities:
  • Winter boots
  • Warm outerwear (riding overall)
  • Helmets for riding and snowmobiling
  • Muts
  • Warm hats
  • Winter gloves & mittens
  • Scarfs
  • Balaclava
  • Wanten
  • Winter socks

The accommodation on the farm includes sheets and towels.

If you arrive early on the farm on day 1 and want to have lunch there, you have to order this in advance (supplement 150 SEK).

Caution! This holiday takes place in the high North and in the winter. Your standard equestrian clothing will not suffice. In order to fully enjoy without being cold, you need to bring along custom winter outdoor clothing.

Clothing in wool is strongly recommended instead of synthetic fabrics and cotton.
In winter it is best to wear many layers of clothing, it is important that they do not fit too tight, the air between the layers provides the heat.

Be sure to bring:

  • Winter boots
  • 2 warm sweaters (wool/fleece)
  • 2 thinner sweaters (wool/fleece)
  • thermal underwear (with long sleeves, long pants)
  • hat, gloves, wool scarf
  • 2-3 pairs of wool socks
  • 1 pair of thin gloves to wear under the mittens
  • Padded jacket, padded pants (like for skiing)
  • sweatpants/breeches (made of soft material for easy movement)
  • clothing for indoors
  • Sunglasses (February - April)
  • Toiletries
  • Pair of lighter shoes/slippers

An example of what you can wear under the overall on a cold day:
* 1 layer of thin woolen/thermal underwear
* 1 layer of wool sweater/fleece
* 1 layer of wool sweater/fleece/jogging pants/breeches
* 2-3 pairs of wool socks
* padded pants
* padded jacket

If you wish, you can extend your stay and book extra nights on the farm (10 SEK = 1 euro):

  • extra night in double room 44 €
  • breakfast 8,25 €
  • lunch 16,50 € 
  • 2-course diner 33 €
  • extra night, fullboard 96,25 €

* You can exchange one of the nights on the farm for a night at the Icehotel.
Pricing IJshotel  
2 persons in a double ice room SEK2950 per person
Single room SEK 5250

* Instead of visiting the city of Kiruna you can book an extra day of dog sledding, price: 230 € lunch included (2 persons sharing a sledge).

* Tactile massage from 550 SEK p/p